Junior Board

The previous mentorship and leadership skills development program known as “Big/Little” has now been expanded into it’s own Junior Board within the Austin Figure Skating Club!

The AFSC Junior Board was created for our club members who are 12-18 years old who wish to serve our club while developing leadership skills and mentoring our young upcoming skaters from Junior Club and Chaparral Ice’s Learn to Skate program. AFSC Junior Board members will actively volunteer at all AFSC events, filling jobs such as runners, accounting assistance, registration, awards, and other areas as needed.

The Junior Board is organized to provide leadership opportunities through typical officer roles including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and News Historians. The members of the junior board learn responsibility, compassion, dedication, time management, and developing good sportsmanship through their activities. In addition to assisting with club hosted competitions and events, Junior Board will sponsor club parties for younger club members, mentor beginning skaters, host fundraising events (such as a Skate-a-Thon), provide good luck incentives and posters for their peers who are skating at competitions, plus take an active role in helping to plan the club’s annual New Year’s party.

Our Junior Board aims to be a solid and vibrant organization comprised of individuals displaying strong character traits and setting high expectations for each of their functions. These members of AFSC will be looked up to as true role models for others to emulate.

For more information about Junior Board, please contact AFSC President Renae Sundgren at pres@austinfsc.com