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How SCRIP works for our club.

When you use the SCRIP form to order gift cards through Austin FSC, the club will receive a percentage of what you paid, and you get the full amount on your gift card. So it effectively costs you NOTHING.
So if you Stay in the Hyatt for $94 a night and you stay 2 nights, you will likely spend about $200. If you buy $200 in SCRIP cards you can almost pay your hotel bill (of course the hotel will charge tax). You get the full $200 and Austin FSC gets.....? You guessed it: $ 18. Now let's say we have 15 skater families needing a hotel room in Grapevine to skate at Skate Dallas. 15 Families buy $200 worth or gift cards for the Hyatt. The club gets....? $270.
Now, let's say 10 of the skater moms desperately need coffee to calm their nerves during the competition. So (I know what you were thinking) they visit Starbucks and... you guessed it they each bought a gift card through SCRIP for their Starbucks coffee. 10 moms x $10 Starbucks and 7% goes to the club. There is another $7.
Now, to FEDEX the cards to us costs $7.50. Austin FSC still made $269.50
Of course there are more skaters going to Dallas and dads need coffee too. So you get the message. The club can now almost pay for an hour of club ice, or some scholarships to Regionals.
We can go on and on...
Barnes and Nobles (kids need books right) 9%
Bath & Bodyworks (moms need pampering in the hotel after a tough competition day) 13%
Cinemark movies (single admits worth $9.50) 15%, you do like movies right?
Dillards (you ladies like to shop don't you) 9%
Jiffy Lube (when was your last oil change?) 8%
Walgreens (hopefully you won't need them a lot) 6%
And these are just ideas. There 8 pages of ideas on the SCRIP form.
So, if you don't feel like doing active fundraising but still want to help the club be able to afford these extras, think about buying through Austin FSC SCRIP. It will benefit you in the end!
Just E-mail Henry Colon or Sally Fournier which cards you want to order and make sure they get a check or cash from you for the order. Click here for all the stores that participate and the percentage the club will receive when you order.
Get all your gift cards through this program and help the club with this awesome fundraising project. If you would like more information please email the coordinators for information, orders and questions as to payment at

My Skating Mall

Austin FSC is now registered with This site allows their registered users to sell their used items and buy items from other registered users and/or registered vendors. Users designate a home club and these home clubs will get a percentage of the item's price when it is sold. Our club will even get a percentage if you buy items from this site. It is cheaper for users to list their items with this site then with most other auction sites and our club will benefit.
If you have any items to sell consider doing it through and designate Austin FSC as your home club.
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